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Vision & Leadership

A fulfilling career in dental hygiene is rooted in a laser focused vision that embraces core values, ethics and awareness of our integral position as healthcare providers. Our purpose is to empower every hygienist to step into their vital leadership roles to support their patients, practice and team.

Team Culture

Dentistry is a team sport! Learn how to cultivate a healthy practice culture of teamwork, mutual respect and effective communication. We look to help you develop a rock star hygiene department that focuses on clinical skills, calibration, and defining systems/protocols.

Production & Enrollment

Elevate your practice production and treatment enrollment by practicing excellent patient care based on scientific, evidence based research. We'll show you how to design productive schedules to do more with less, capitalize on the untapped potential of perio and how to set and track strive-worthy goals!


Charissa Wood, RDH

I have been practicing dental hygiene since 1996. I joined the Atlanta Dental Spa team in 2009 and my passion for the oral systemic connection was ignited! Getting to journey alongside patients as they cross from poor health to wellness is so fulfilling! In addition to patient care, I act as the hygiene team lead for our four location practice and have spoken at conferences and written articles for Perio Protect and OralDNA as well as conducted practice consulting to elevate hygiene team systems and production.

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